The Quadra Island Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP)

The Quadra Island Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP) is a “grass-roots” organization to help individuals and families be better prepared for emergencies and disasters, and to enable neighbourhoods to work collectively to prepare for emergencies and to be more resilient in the event of a disaster.

All neighbourhoods have a unique character, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some Quadra neighbourhoods are isolated and spread out, while others are more densely settled and intimate. The right approach for neighbourhood preparedness is whatever works best for that neighbourhood.

If you would like to learn more about NEPP, or if you would like to get NEPP started in your neighbourhood, please contact Betsy Young, at 285-3336.

There are two key functions of NEPP; preparedness and response.


Preparedness activities at the neighbourhood level include education about hazards and risks, such as earthquake, wildfire, floods, etc., and measures individuals and families can take to address these risks. For example, FireSmart activities to reduce wildfire risks, stockpiling at least 7 days worth of food and water, and having a “grab and go” bag in the event evacuation is necessary. Local neighbourhood reps distribute preparedness information to residents, and can bring questions or concerns back to the Emergency Program.

Getting to know your neighbours, and your neighbourhood, is a key element of preparedness. This includes knowing who lives where so responders can locate people in an emergency, and who might have skills or equipment within the neighbourhood in the event a disaster cuts a neighbourhood off from outside help.


In the event of a significant earthquake it is unlikely that first responders will be able to deal with the demands for assistance in the immediate aftermath. Roads may be impassible, and the responders themselves will likely be impacted. In this scenario neighbours become “first responders”. The NEPP can help neighbourhoods develop the ability to respond, in accordance with the following model:

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