The Strathcona Regional District’s Emergency Program is rolling out a new program bringing LIFE Kits to residents in the area.  This is part of an initiative to provide safety and education throughout the community.

“These kits help those who cannot reliably provide their own medical information. It is ideal for senior citizens, chronically ill persons, and those who live alone. The information is equally as important for young children under the care of a sitter.” Paul Juszko British Columbia Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) Unit Chief“

“LIFE Kits are going to help BCEHS provide direct care for the patient in the most appropriate manner”, says Strathcona Regional District’s Chair Michele Babchuk. “We’re working to roll this out to the community and we’ve had great support from BCEHS who really think that this program is going to help them immensely.”

Each LIFE Kit contains an information sheet that when filled out, provides first responders with vital information on the occupants of the home in the event they are unable to speak for themselves.  There are spaces for medical history, emergency contacts, medications, vital patient statistics and advanced medical directives. The kits also contain two stickers and one magnet that reads ‘LIFE KIT’. Residents are to place one sticker on the entrance to alert First Responders that a LIFE Kit is available, and the second sticker or magnet on the refrigerator, where the actual LIFE Kit is kept.

“The kits are free for residents and available for pickup at various locations throughout the regional district and during outreach events.  The program is not limited to the senior population” says Shaun Koopman SRD Protective Services Coordinator. “Our long-term goal is to have the program available in every household throughout the Regional District”.

Residents can pick up their LIFE Kits at the following locations:

  • Campbell River – Campbell River Community Centre – 401 11 Ave.
  • Campbell River – Campbell River Sportsplex – 1800 South Alder St.
  • Campbell River – Strathcona Regional District Office – #103 – 990 Cedar St.
  • Campbell River – Strathcona Gardens Recreation Centre – 225 South Dogwood St.
  • Quadra Island – Quadra Circle’s Office – 654 Harper Rd. (Quathiaski Cove)

Each LIFE Kit is contained in a clear plastic sealable bag for storage and will include the following:

Residents who have more than 2+ members in their household can download additional LIFE Kit documentation forms HERE.

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