In the event of a significant emergency, Emergency Support Services (ESS) may be provided from one or more pre-designated facilities. The actual facilities chosen would depend on the nature and location of the emergency, facility availability and other factors.

Reception Centres

A Reception Centre would be the primary location from which ESS services would be delivered, and is where evacuees would come to be registered, obtain information and receive support services in accordance with their needs.

Quadra Island has 5 potential Reception Centre locations:

  • Quadra Island Community Centre – 970 West Road
  • Quadra Island Bible Church – 1281 West Road
  • Camp Homewood – 1291 West Road
  • Quadra Island Legion – 1503 West Road
  • Cape Mudge Rec Hall – Cape Mudge Village
  • The Heriot Bay Inn – Heriot Bay

Group Lodging

In the event of a large evacuation, if sufficient commercial lodging is not available, a dormitory-style Group Lodging facility may be established for evacuees.

Quadra Island has 2 potential Group Lodging locations:

  • Camp Homewood – 1291 West Road
  • Quadra Elementary School – 678 Heriot Bay Road

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